Wednesday, September 9, 2009

telling you how it is

things i love you more than:

cashew chicken, my rocking chair, chocolate (yes, really), beirut, my cannes sandals, phones, architecture in helsinki, reading, our video camera, matte nail polishes, top model tuesday, mini cokes, bike riding, callanetics, days off, the internet, my blog, the girl from i heart hiroshima, big couches, spaghetti bog, money, freddo frogs, my canon g10, reading, big t-shirts, double sundaes with mini m&ms on bottom, long hair, tan, tight jeans, all my movies, hot showers, modest mouse, punk, lula, a blank notebook, silly hats, sno cones, shopping,  mission, vegemite, united states of tara, marker pens, the darkness, fairy lights, kittens, eating in bed, cute babies, old music, brick walls, photos, soft tissues, ballet dancers, howling bells, facebook, the nanny, alexa chung, moisturizer, our walks, funny people, funny looking people, but despite the ridiculous amounts i drink, i really do love you more than water, and i can't live without it, and i can't breathe without you.

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