Wednesday, September 16, 2009

my birthday beautys

things i love about emma
- she tries to tell good stories and they never quite work out for her 
- she will often blush inappropriately for no good reason
- she has really soft hair
- she thinks i'm hilarious
- she writes food porn with me 
- she holds my hand when she gets really really drunk
- her bum doesn't touch her legs
- she has a six pack even when she's "fat"
- she knows how to work it for a dinner reservation
- she borrows my clothes a lot and always pretends its the last time
- she watched the sweetest thing over 100 times with me when we should've been studying
- she'll help me eat all my brownies, and knows a good cashew chicken when she eats one
- but i mostly love her because at school camp in grade 9, when my only friends got expelled, she took me under her wing and became my sidekick.  
"even the bravest lion, they need a sidekick"

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